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Hello Shannon,

We're looking into the potential of offering A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor within our VR LBE facilities across Canada, the U.S. and Costa Rica. If you would be interested in discussing further, please reach out to

Great work and thanks for your time and consideration!

C.O.O. - Ctrl V Inc.

I really enjoyed this! A nice, chill experience. The snippets of lore were intriguing and I'd definitely be interested in playing a longer version.

For any Rift users reading: this works fine with OpenComposite if you don't want to use SteamVR.

Really amazing.Could be for ar or vr.I hope it hits the market.Its a bust.

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This is hands down one of the best uses of VR I've experienced. The concept could, and definitely should, be scaled and applied to so many different themes and worlds. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Fantastic experience, found everything but the neon sign... that was staring me straight in the face. A full game based on this concept would be amazing. 


This is easily one of my favourite VR experiences I've had. There's an incredible amount of polish in the animations, interactions and visual style you've developed, and I can tell that probably took a lot of time and effort! I can't wait for the full game, it will be an instant buy from me :D

Thanks! I haven't gotten many responses about the game, so I'm really glad to hear you like it.


This is amazing! I've been waiting for something like this since I first tried VR. Incredibly excited for the full game.


Thanks! Hearing something like that really encourages me to keep working at it.

How do you open the game? Its in a .rar file...

Which this game VERY much sparks my interest just I can't play it. Because it is a .rar file?

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You can unpack .rar files with WinRar. This software can be downloaded from

Thank You!

Great Graphics 

cant click play for PC

Did you try the solution below?

I'm just stuck on the start page can't click to play or anything

To the right you should see instructions. They're different between Vive and Rift, but basically they tell you the button to press to select things from a distance. Then point the controller at the Start Game button, then release the button. That should work, reply if it doesn't.

Looks AMAZING from the screenshots, but sadly I don't have a VR set.
If you'd develop this into a Windows version, I'd gladly feature it on my YT!

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I've afraid there not a non-VR version of this game on the horizon. Maybe after Juniper Sky is done I might consider it, but that's a few years out.

any chance of a non-vr version?



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I did have a hidden object game that's 3D but non-VR that I never finished.You can see a screenshot at I might go back to it sometime if there's interest.

wow, yes interest intensified.